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The New Engineering Foundation is a not for profit, limited by guarantee (registration: 5227493) independent and strategically focused organisation that works with key partners and stakeholders to ensure that the UK modern engineering industries have continued access, now and in the future, to the skills and talent they require. Our objectives and strategies reflect these responsibilities.


It aims to nurture interest in Life-Long Learning of modern engineering and technology amongst educators across our schools, colleges and universities.


The decline or lack of growth of pupils and students pursing engineering and technology has been attributed to a number of factors, many are considered to be a long-term cultural and attitudinal change towards engineering.

However, containing and improving such impediments as:


@       the boring nature of the curriculum; and,

@       the lack of teacher/lecturer updating and professional development that reflect the needs of the modern information intensive economy


could be addressed, in the short to medium term, to contain and redress the decline in student uptake of scientific and engineering subjects.


The New Engineering Foundation recognises the importance of addressing the above issues. Without suitably competent and motivated people, the UK’s strength in engineering and technology cannot be maintained and renewed.


Guided by an Expert Advisory Panel and supported by educational and scientific trusts, foundations and charities such as , the New Engineering Foundation aims to :


@      Inspire innovation in engineering teaching and learning;

@      Support the creation of active links between schools, colleges and universities as well as with industry and research centres;




@      Implementing Fellowship programmes that intend to update the skills and knowledge base of teachers and lecturers in engineering education;

@       Developing a knowledge and resources centre that enables the capturing and exchanging of experiences and sharing of best practice.


We look forward to your active participation and support in our programmes to enable us to collectively achieve the step-change improvement required in our engineering education today.


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Creating A Sustainable Future

Creating A Sustainable Future


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